PC Gaming – The Hardware Essentials

With constant innovations in technology combined with ever-expanding virtual interactions online, the world of PC gaming is in no danger of slipping into obscurity.  Online gamers can now interact better than ever before, thanks to the advancement of online multiplayer gaming.  Multiplayer game platforms allow gamers to work together in tandem to accomplish goals or to compete with each other.  In fact, a lot of popular game titles now available for consul play originated for PC gaming.  Having the necessary hardware on a computer is required to ensure that these gaming titles run smooth, fast and with superior quality.

If a computer lacks the basic essentials for online gaming, gamers will suffer lags, and disappointing graphic displays, making the gaming experience less than stellar.  Hardware that supports high-speed gaming also increases the value of any computer, allowing the computer to run at peak efficiency for at least a generation of gaming – if not beyond.

Computer Gaming

Computer Gaming

The processor is the first piece of hardware that should be examined when it comes to gaming.  Processors that provide the essential gaming experience need to at the very least be AMD Athlon 64×2 or the Intel Core 2 Duo.  Anything below these standards is not likely to provide a good gaming experience.  Many games list these processors as the bare minimum requirements in order to run the game at all.  The best gaming experiences can be experienced by having a processor such as the AMD Phenom II X6 or the Intel Core i5 3.1Ghz.  While these standards set the bar high, any processor between the minimum and maximum requirements will run the games effectively.

Every gaming computer also needs to meet the minimum requirements for RAM.  The RAM is a small chip that is necessary to ensure that all games run smoothly.  Optimum settings for gaming computers require up to 4GB of Ram, while the minimum requirements cap at 2 or 3GB.  In order to run a game at recommended memory settings, 3GB of RAM is typically recommended.
The most necessary component of gaming computers is the graphics card.  At the very minimum, gamers should have an NVidia 8800 GT 512mb graphics card or, alternatively, an ATI 3850 512mb.  Top-notch settings are, of course, much higher – capping out at the ATI 6850 or the NVidia GTX 560 Ti.  Efficient and enjoyable gaming is simply not likely without a sufficient graphics card.  With sub-standard cards, games simply will not run smoothly and users will experience unbearable, almost-constant lags.  Display settings for specific games can be adjusted inside the game itself in order to match the graphics card that they have.  Adjustments are unnecessary, however, with the recommended graphics card requirements of the game itself.

One final component that keep gaming computers running at full speed for extended periods of time is an optional purchase – an intercooler.  Essentially an intercooler is a fan that cools the computer and keeps it from overheating, allowing for endless hours of enjoyable game-play.  While intercoolers are optional, keeping a gaming computer cool allows for maximum gameplay.  Prices on intercoolers vary, but purchasing one is highly recommended for all serious gamers as it minimizes the risk of costly component repairs down the road.

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