Benefits of Instagram For Business

Social media is undoubtedly the ‘in’ today. Platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, etc. have been very important for a few years and have helped a lot in businesses, news and brand promotions. However, it would not come as a shocker to you that most people now have resorted to Instagram more than the other platforms. The ease of use, simple interface, and wider reach are the main reasons why people find Instagram as a much better place to socialize and share. Since it reaches out to people at such a large scale, it comes as a great option to promote your brand and enjoy a much larger profit than you could have earned otherwise.

The developers realizing the use have started updating the application to make it a more business-oriented place to help brand owners and public figures show off their products and enjoy more and more recognition. This not only lets the brand owners earn a large sum, but it also helps the developers enjoy money. Every year, Instagramers give away thousands of dollars to get their brand promoted and win maximum followers. The platform also makes it easy for the audience to find good products at an acceptable price range.

Benefits for business on Instagram:

Get to connect with the customers:

When you use such an easy to get a platform for promoting your business, you enjoy the attention of so many people around the world. Having a huge audience with or without Instagram makes it difficult for you to connect with them. But social media platforms help you connect and communicate with them very easily and get to make a business relationship which can be beneficial to you in the long run.

Know the insights:

Since you will be getting to connect with them closely, you would get to know what your customers and users want in detail. With comments and messages that you could have a look at will help you make a better judgment of what you are giving to the world. For instance, you run a restaurant and you have its account on Instagram. When you add the actual location and other details, you get the reviews of your customers which play a big role in promoting your business.

Get to reach new audiences every time:

With such a big population and a great reach of Instagram, you get chances to make new customers every day. The hashtags that are included in photos and posts here make a link that connects to all the pictures you have shared till date with that hashtag. This gets you more and more followers which get to check out your profile more easily and the reach thus keeps on increasing.

Share content to other channels:

You can share whatever content you uploaded on Instagram to different channels such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. This increases your posts’ reach to the audience and gains many profits.

Instagram as disused above can be a great platform to flourish your seo business services. Social media if used correctly can improve any business and help the owner earn large profits that too in a short span.

How to Research Niche Keyword Phrases for SEO

How to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to research keyword phrases for niche websites, uncover good keywords, and improve search engine optimization of web content.

Performing keyword research to uncover the perfect niche keyword phrases that will increase web traffic is more of an art than a science, and it seems there’s a different approach suggested by every search engine optimization specialist on the Internet.

But regardless of the differing opinions on Search Engine Optimization, one basic idea appears to be offered up as truth among all the experts: a good keyword phrase is one that has lots of people searching for it, and not a lot of competing pages turning up in search engine results.

Following are suggested steps to help website owners search out these optimal keyword phrases.

Using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Google Search to Find Good Keywords

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a free tool for advertisers looking to use the Google Adwords program. While the focus of the tool is for advertisers, it can also be used by webmasters to perform keyword research.

There is a variety of information provided in the Google Keyword Tool but for the purposes of increasing website traffic, the primary focus should be on the global monthly search volume result. This indicates how many times a particular keyword was searched for using the Google Search Engine.

The following example uses the keyword phrase “wedding scrapbooking” to illustrate how to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Google Search to find good keyword phrases that have a decent amount of monthly searches and a low number of competing websites.

Type ‘wedding scrapbooking’ into the textbox for keyword and phrases and hit the get keyword ideas button. A list of results will appear.

Look at the first term in the list, which is by default the one most relevant to the search term. In this case, the top of the list shows ‘wedding scrapbooks’, a term slightly different than the phrase entered.

Look across to note the global monthly search volume result for this term, which is 3,600 at the time of writing.

Open a new browser and enter the term “wedding scrapbooks” (including the quotation marks) at A list of results will appear.

At the top of the results screen is a line stating Results 1 – 10 of about … for “wedding scrapbooks”. At the time of writing, the total results number is 195,000, meaning that approximately 195,000 pages come back for the exact term “wedding scrapbooks”. This indicates very high competition, which means the chance of getting on the top page of Google results is not very good.

Return to the Google Keyword Tool and look for the next result in the list of possible keyword phrases. The second result, “wedding scrapbook”, has an extremely high monthly search volume but a search for that term at indicates it also has very high competition.

The third result, “wedding scrapbooking ideas”, shows a decent monthly search volume. A search at shows very low competition at less than 8,000 total results. This would indicate a good keyword phrase for a niche website on scrapbooking.

More Things to Consider When Researching Keyword Phrases for Niche Websites

A high search volume and low keyword phrase competition does not guarantee a spot on the first page of Google results. It is important to look at the first page results to determine the overall rank of the sites and how well they are optimized for the keyword phrase to get a deeper analysis of the competition.

If the niche website will be using Google Adsense advertising for revenue generation, it is also very helpful to consider the cost per click (CPC) information provided in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Choose high CPC results for primary keywords whenever possible and as secondary keywords even when search competition is high.

The information above will help a website owner find keyword phrases that can optimize a site for increased web traffic. This focus on keyword research and keyword optimization can go a long way toward building an effective and profitable niche website.

A Complete Guidance on Robotstxt File

  • What is Robots.txt file?
  • How to use this Robots.txt?
  • How to create robots.txt file?
  • Can we take some advantages from this file?
  • Which pages should you need to include in Robots.txt file and which to not?
  • Where to place this file?
  • How it leads to better visibility and how it leads to drop in ranking?
  • Is there any relation between Google Algorithm updates and Robots.txt file
  • What Is Robots.txt and How can we use them


ROBOTS.TXT is a protocol for guiding the spiders of search engines, about the parts of website we want them to crawl.

The site owner decides what information and instruction to give the spiders of search engines, when they visit to the websites. This file is always placed in the root of website hierarchy. On the visit of robots/spiders, if they find any robots.txt file , it means that the website owner wants to provide them special instructions before crawling the website, but if doesn’t find any robots.txt file , it means that website owner wants them to crawl the entire website with no special instructions.

How to create robots.txt

The file robots.txt is ASCII text file that we’ll place at the root of website domain. Writing robots file is extremely. All we need is ASCII text editor, in windows notepad is ASCII text editor, you can use notepad to write down robots file.

Robots file contains the names of spiders and file we don’t want them to crawl and other special instructions. We can use wildcard character asterisk (*) , when we want to list all spiders.

The structure of Robots.txt:

1. User-agent Line: Holds the name of crawlers to whom we want to instruct. Value of this field can’t be left empty, if you want to allow all bots, and then simply put the asterisk wildcard.

2. Directive Line: The action or the instruction we want to give to bots.


User-agent: *

Disallow: /cgi-bin/

Here we instruct all the bots to be restricted to the file cgi-bin.

Or if we want some limited bots to be restricted, we can write them as in the example below.

User-agent: Googlebot-image

Disallow: /

This robot file is for image bots of Google and telling that they are restricted from being accessing the entire website.

Configuration error of robots.txt file leads to a fall in website revenue, due to dropped visibility in SERP.

Configuration errors we can list:

Use of asterisk wildcard in Disallow/Allow directive line, because it doesn’t support it.
Use of trailing forwards slash like “Disallow: /temp/” limits the bots to that much string only, it simply terminates here and not look for sub strings.
Dangling pages is one of major aspect to evaporate page rank. Blocking a URL in robots file implies only that crawlers doesn’t crawl the webpage, that is no outbound links are consider via them, but the incoming links to that URL will pass link juice and hence that dangling page cause a fall in page rank.

As, many developers and designers sometimes neglect it and sometimes by mistake they only put a forward slash in Disallow, this forward slash limit the entire bots to crawl/index/visit your website.

Advantage of robots.txt:

Uses of crawl delay directive solve the server over-loading issues. Useful when aggressive bots or site mirroring bots, affect web server performance.
We can block the URL’s which are leading to duplication and tell search engines the URL containing unique and original content.
If you’ve created URLs but things like your internal search are creating additional and messy URLs that you don’t want Google to see, block them in your Robots.txt files.
Adding sitemap in robots.txt make easy for search engine to index all pages of website.

Syntax for adding sitemap:


Where to place this file?

Put the Robots.txt file in the main directory. It is important to put the file on the proper directory for engines look first in the main directory like []. Once the user agent or the search engine was not able to find the file, they will think that all the web pages should be indexed. We have Meta robots with the properties follow, no follow, index, no index which we can set in content field of Meta and this meta robot is to be added in header section of webpage.

Here, we can conclude that the pages which we want to crawl by crawlers not to be mark as disallow in robots.txt, there is another tag call Allow, which we can use specially to instruct spiders to crawl the pages.

Which pages should you need to include in Robots.txt file and which to not?

The pages which are under construction, the directories which we want not to be crawled by the bots so that they are not go to be index in the search engine database. And sometimes we want to hide contact or mail address details, in simple term for the sake of privacy such that not to be shown to search engines, we use Robots.txt
On other hand, the files, pages, information which we want to be crawled by the search engines for the purpose of indexation in the search engine’s database are not to be put in the robots.txt file

How it leads to better visibility and How it leads to drop in ranking?

Robots.txt file is just a guidance to search crawlers. This file guides crawlers that which pages are to ignore and which to consider. So if we put wrong guidance about our website then crawler ignores our best pages. Hence we face fall in ranking and it may leads to NO Ranking.
So we should take care about this file for better visibility. Although it does not helps in better ranking but it can be a victim of drop in ranking.

Is there any relation between Google ranking algorithm and Robots.txt file?

There is no direct relation between robots.txt file and Google ranking algorithms. But with smart use of this file we can avoid Google plenty.

Duplicate Content Penalty: We can identify the pages that are duplicates to other pages and then can disallow them in robots.txt file to avoid indexing in search engines.

Choosing Search Engine Optimization Tools

Using the right search engine optimization tools can make a huge difference in your site’s position in the search engines. They can make your life easier — that’s all there is to it! Using the right tools is very crucial, however.

Before we get into tools that are good for you to use, we’re going to discuss tools that you should steer clear of. The first of these is the auto blog commenting software. Every blog owner knows how annoying it is to get comments that are obviously automated and don’t even make sense according to what the site is about! There is no sane marketer in the world who would approve a comment like this — which means that auto submission of comments are not worth your time at all.

Other things you should stay away from (even if you think they will make your life easier) are content spinners. These are supposed to take one article and turn it into dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of different articles. While this sounds good, all it does is fill the Internet with junk. Half of the resulting articles don’t even make sense — which Google is well aware of! This might work to a certain degree in the short term, but don’t expect spun articles to last for the long haul.

Keyword research tools are search engine optimization tools that are good to use. You can find Google’s own (free) tool by searching for “Google keyword tool”. Another great one (paid) is Market Samurai, which does a lot more than just keyword research. SeoCockpit is another great one, though it requires a monthly subscription. Word tracker is also very popular, and it requires a subscription payment as well. Read reviews on these different keyword tools to find the one that is right for you.

Another tool that might be worth your time is RSS feed submission software. Blogs automatically have RSS feeds, but your static site might not. Even so, you can easily add an RSS feed to any website — this is something that few marketers know, which means you will be ahead of the game! By submitting your RSS feed to different directories, you will be getting more exposure and more backlinks to your website.

Social bookmarking tools have also been popular for a couple of years now. However, their effectiveness has declined a lot, in many SEO Brisbane expert’s opinions. You can pick some of these up relatively cheaply, so you may want to give one a try in hopes that some of the bookmarks “stick” and result in more backlinks.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to search engine optimization tools. Do some research into the ones that are going to be beneficial for you, and you can build your collection of tools over time so you become a force to be reckoned with in the SEO world!

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking by On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-web page Search Engine Optimization

There are two varieties of search engine optimization (SEO) methods: on-web page and off-web page SEO. With on-web page SEO, you’ve got full management of all of the methods and strategies you should use by yourself websites. With off-web page SEO, you’ll attempt some methods to get different website house owners to confer with your website which can assist your website to rank nicely. The on-web page parts embrace web page title, web page metadata, headings, breadcrumb navigation, picture alt tag, physique textual content and inner hyperlinks. I am going to talk about how one can optimize every of them on this article.

Selecting a website identify

Search engines (SE) are on the lookout for key phrases in URLs. For example, if in case you have an internet site with a website identify “how-to-turn” and somebody searches for “methods to develop into a vegetarian”, SE sees how-to-develop into-a-vegetarian as a match. If, nevertheless, you will have an internet site with a website identify “”, SE sees them as a part of the identical phrase, it does not regard the person phrases as particular person phrases. So, placing key phrases into the area identify and separating key phrases with dashes supplies small profit. A website identify ought to be brief, straightforward to spell and straightforward to recollect. You need to get the dot com model of a website identify since it’s straightforward for individuals to recollect.

Submitting your web site URL to the search engines

You’ll be able to have your web site added to the indexes of fashionable search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. You’ll be able to add your web site URL to Google by way of the Google Webmaster Instruments and add your web site URL to Yahoo by way of the Website Explorer.

Nevertheless submitting your web site URL by way of one of many above strategies isn’t efficient and typically it takes fairly very long time to get added within the search engine indexes. I am going to present you higher strategy to get your web site URL included within the search engine indexes in one other article about off-web page optimization.

Web page Title

The title tag is the primary factor within the head space of your website, adopted by the Meta Description and the Meta Key phrases Tags. The title tag seems on the search end result web page, so it’d appeal to readers to go to your web page in the event that they discover what they need within the title on the search end result web page. The title tag is likely one of the most essential elements which search engines are involved. Searchbots learn web page titles and use that info to find out what the pages are about. In case your title tag has key phrases that different competing web sites shouldn’t have, you’ll have good probability of getting larger ranking within the search outcomes. title ought to solely include your fundamental key phrases or keyword phrases. You need to restrict three key phrases or keyword phrases within the title tag. Don’t use irrelevant phrases like “a, and, or, as, the” since search engines ignore them.

Don’t repeat the identical keyword in your title greater than twice. For instance, in case you select vegetarian as your major keyword, you possibly can have “easy methods to develop into a vegetarian and vegetarian store and low fats vegetarian recipes” in your title tag. You higher substitute” character as the next: titlehow to turn into vegetarian store low fats vegetarian recipes/title You’ll find out what number of pages having comparable phrases of their title to yours by typing the next phrase in Google search: allintitle:”your title phrases” Maintain your web page title brief. Most search engines show round 60 characters within the itemizing title. So to get your message throughout, embrace necessary key phrases towards the start of the title, and be sure that the primary 60 characters of your title type an entire thought. You possibly can mix key phrases to save lots of area. You must write distinctive titles for every web page. Use title case, titles with the primary letters capitalized. Embrace your group’s identify in web page title.

Meta Description Tag

The meta description tag describes your website’s content material and provides search engines a abstract of what your website is about. For instance:

The outline textual content ant title textual content described above will seem as a abstract of an internet site within the search outcome returned from a search engine.

When there isn’t any HTML content material on the web page comparable to within the case of an all Flash website or when somebody searches in your website utilizing your URL however no key phrases, your meta description tag shall be displayed. If Google finds all key phrases or keyword phrases you entered within the question within the description tag, it’ll use the outline textual content. If Google finds solely a number of the key phrases within the description and a few within the physique textual content, it’ll use a part of every. You possibly can place the outline tag under the title tag as proven under:

Attempt to make your keyworded description neat and concise to draw readers and encourage them to go to your website. Search engines typically show round one hundred fifty characters for the itemizing description. You must hold your description informative as an “About Us” commercial.

Meta Key phrases Tag

Google has ignored the meta key phrases tag so there isn’t any level to debate about this tag.

Web page Physique

That is the primary content material of your website. You could have good content material to draw viewers. The Web page Physique can embrace the breadcrumb navigation, heading tags, physique textual content, picture alt tag and inner hyperlinks.

Breadcrumb navigation

Breadcrumb is usually the primary textual content that seems within the physique of your web page and subsequently it is good place to place your key phrases and keyphrases.

Heading tag

Heading tag is a vital SEO on-web page aspect. You’re inspired to make use of h1 and h2 heading tags as a lot as you’ll be able to in your web page. Heading tags are additionally nice to interrupt up the content material of your pages into sections which are straightforward to learn. Placing key phrases into the headings is beneficial in SEO search engine optimization since you are telling to a search engine these key phrases are so necessary that they seem within the heading textual content.

Physique Textual content

You may think about to put your major key phrases within the textual content of your pages. Nevertheless don’t merely record of key phrases in your pages with none high quality content material since search engine is sensible sufficient to filter out these pages. Utilizing daring and italics tags to spotlight your key phrases on the web page. This helps each human readers and search engines to simply see your key textual content. Don’t use underline tag in your web page since underline is generally used for hyperlink. You need to restrict round 300 to 500 phrases on every web page and think about using extra sections or classes if you wish to write greater than 500 phrases since your readers may get drained and hardly learn via an extended web page.

Picture alt tag

When you place photographs in your web sites, you must embrace an alt tag for each picture to assist Google to know extra what your picture is about. For instance: You’ll be able to additional optimize your picture by naming your picture with a descriptive identify. For instance: The ALT tags do not actually assist a lot as a result of some net designers have stuffed ALT attribute with tons of key phrases however utilizing ALT tags cannot harm when you merely drop in a couple of key phrases and may even assist push your web page up somewhat within the ranking.

Creating Inner Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks in your pages assist searchbots discover different pages in your website. Placing key phrases in hyperlinks will inform searchbots concerning the pages that the hyperlinks are pointing at and in addition concerning the web page containing the hyperlinks. You need to all the time use keyword-wealthy anchor textual content in your hyperlinks slightly than pictures. When creating pages inside your website, create hyperlinks on the web page to different pages and create hyperlink again from different pages to the web page you’re creating, utilizing the key phrases in your title tag. I am going to talk about about inbound hyperlinks or backlinks to your website in my subsequent article about off-web page optimization.

Opnage SEO – 9 Actionable Techniques That Work.

5 Best Features Of Linux Operating System That You Need To Know

Are you familiar with Linux OS (Operating System)? If not, Linux OS is an open and free operating system which is established by Linus Torvalds in the year 1991 and still growing popular these days. You should also know that it comes with some interesting and best features which makes it different from any other operating systems out there. These features also show that Linux OS is an easy and effective operating system for you. If you want to know what are the best features that Linux OS have, you can read the list below.

Here is the list of the best features of Linux operating system that you need to know.

  1. Customized Keyboards

Linux OS has many users across the globe, so they provided it to be available in multiple languages and customer support. This feature includes customized keyboards that have the accessible languages for different nations. With this, it is a user – friendly and easy to use a system that meets everybody’s standards.

  1. Live CD Or USB

Most of all the distributed Linux systems come with a Live CD or USB feature in which a user can use and run the operating system without the need of installing it to your computer or laptop. You can be assured that Linux can offer you a wide range of options based on your requirements.

  1. Application Support

A Linux OS comes with a software repository in which a user can easily download or install a huge amount of applications by just providing a command to the terminal or shell of Linux. Linux OS can also be possible to run a Windows application.

  1. Graphical User Interface

If you think Linux is only a command line operating system, you might be true but not really to its extent. You should know that Linux comes with packages in which it is possible to install to make its complete operating system graphics to be based on Windows.

  1. Good Security

This feature can also be a good characteristic of Linux OS because it prioritizes the protection of the confidential works of the users from hackers or persons who are not authorized to enter their system. Linux provided some security concepts which include Authentication, Authorization, and especially Encryption. With these security concepts, it only goes to show that Linux OS is safe to use and prevent the access of any unauthorized people that might have bad intentions.

With all the information stated above, you now know what are the best features of Linux Operating System. You should also know that these features make it perform to its maximum and will surely amaze every user of it. In this way, you can be assured that you can have the excellent and high-quality operating system that you wish you can have. If you want to know more about Linux Operating System, you can ask an expert on this topic or visit their website.

3 Things That You Should Do To Be Prepared For Google Mobile Index

Have you already heard of the new Google Mobile Index? You must know that Google Mobile Index is the new and innovative change for Search Engine Optimization that was created by Google to provide their users a better experience in this field. While it is still being tested and not fully develop to be available to use, you should do some actions so that you can be prepared when Google decided to launch it. You can read the list below that shows the things that you should do so that you can be prepared for the coming of Google Mobile Index and be informed.

This is the list of the things that you should do to be prepared for the coming of Google Mobile Index.

  1. Must Invest In A Responsive Design

If your website does not have a responsive design, you should consider investing one so that you can have a responsive website. You should know that responsive design gives the users the ability to view or even interact with their website from any other devices that have different sizes of screens. With this, it maximizes your experience in accessing the website from other devices.

  1. Improve The Website’s Design

You should also consider improving or optimizing your website’s design because it plays a vital role in the interaction of the users on the website. You should optimize the design of your site for other devices like smart phones and tablets separate from the design of your site from computers or laptop. Some of the ways that you can do to improve your website’s design are removing flash images and pop-ups and especially think how the users of your website interact with it in devices such as smart phones or tablets.

  1. Register The Mobile Website In The Google Search Console

If you already have another website for devices that have smaller screens like phones and tablets, you need to know that you have to register and verify it in the Google Search Console. In this way, you can be assured that the existence of your mobile website is registered to and will be analyzed by search engine robots.

To sum up, all the things that you should do to be prepared for Google Mobile Index are investing for a responsive design, improving or optimizing the design of your site, and especially you must register your mobile website in the Google Search Console. If you follow and do these on your website, you can be assured that you are now prepared when Google launch this first mobile index in the field of Search Engine Optimization. You should also know that these are just some of the things that you can do, and there are a lot more that you should know. If you want to know more about this Google Mobile Index, you can ask your techy friends or an expert in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

What is AMP on Google?

AMP is a project developed by Google to help web publishers optimise their content for mobile. It is an open source web development process that aims to speed up the loading times of web pages on all kinds of mobile devices. Often, web pages with a lot of rich content such as HD images and videos would take a long time to load. Google wanted to solve that problem, so they have implemented AMP to make web pages load instantly. All kinds of devices can make use of AMP, across different platforms, browsers, etc. The main goal of Google AMP is to deliver a much better web experience that is optimised for mobile users.

So how does it work?

The HTML framework that AMP uses makes use of a lot of web technology and script that is already there. But to put it simply, AMP allows website owners to develop a smaller and lighter weight version of their existing web pages. These lightweight pages will load faster but are also simplified versions of existing web pages. These AMP optimised web pages do not have the same number of rich content in them, allowing mobile devices to load them much faster.

Should your website utilize AMP?

In the beginning, most websites that used AMP were news websites. These online publishers wanted their articles to be easier to read on mobile devices, so big news websites decided to use AMP. It also made those news articles much easier to find in Google search results. Over time, more and more websites also adopted the use of AMP. This is because AMP is useful across a wide variety of different website types, including e-commerce based business. So in general, if other websites are using AMP, you should too as well. At the very least, you would make your website easier to browse on mobile devices.

What is the main purpose of AMP anyway?

The main reason why Google wanted more people to implement AMP is that it would provide rapid search results for anyone surfing the web through a mobile device. So AMP was developed to give mobile users speed. If your website uses AMP, then you can allow users to find your website and load its pages much faster through the search results. AMP was implemented as a way to adapt to the changing trend of increasing mobile users surfing the web.

Can AMP affect your SEO ranking?

AMP itself does not factor into search ranking but is undeniable that if your website implements it, you will see a boost in your search ranking. This is because you will be able to get more visitors to your website because your web pages will load much faster. Speed also matters a lot in Google search. If your website loads much faster, then it would also rank higher in search results. In conclusion, if you would like to ensure that your website has got an edge over the competitors, then you may want to implement AMP on your website.

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