What is AMP on Google?

AMP is a project developed by Google to help web publishers optimise their content for mobile. It is an open source web development process that aims to speed up the loading times of web pages on all kinds of mobile devices. Often, web pages with a lot of rich content such as HD images and videos would take a long time to load. Google wanted to solve that problem, so they have implemented AMP to make web pages load instantly. All kinds of devices can make use of AMP, across different platforms, browsers, etc. The main goal of Google AMP is to deliver a much better web experience that is optimised for mobile users.

So how does it work?

The HTML framework that AMP uses makes use of a lot of web technology and script that is already there. But to put it simply, AMP allows website owners to develop a smaller and lighter weight version of their existing web pages. These lightweight pages will load faster but are also simplified versions of existing web pages. These AMP optimised web pages do not have the same number of rich content in them, allowing mobile devices to load them much faster.

Should your website utilize AMP?

In the beginning, most websites that used AMP were news websites. These online publishers wanted their articles to be easier to read on mobile devices, so big news websites decided to use AMP. It also made those news articles much easier to find in Google search results. Over time, more and more websites also adopted the use of AMP. This is because AMP is useful across a wide variety of different website types, including e-commerce based business. So in general, if other websites are using AMP, you should too as well. At the very least, you would make your website easier to browse on mobile devices.

What is the main purpose of AMP anyway?

The main reason why Google wanted more people to implement AMP is that it would provide rapid search results for anyone surfing the web through a mobile device. So AMP was developed to give mobile users speed. If your website uses AMP, then you can allow users to find your website and load its pages much faster through the search results. AMP was implemented as a way to adapt to the changing trend of increasing mobile users surfing the web.

Can AMP affect your SEO ranking?

AMP itself does not factor into search ranking but is undeniable that if your website implements it, you will see a boost in your search ranking. This is because you will be able to get more visitors to your website because your web pages will load much faster. Speed also matters a lot in Google search. If your website loads much faster, then it would also rank higher in search results. In conclusion, if you would like to ensure that your website has got an edge over the competitors, then you may want to implement AMP on your website.

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